Our Purpose

Adam’s Philosophy:

“I often refer to our homebuilding process as one of Building Happiness, because that’s exactly what I strive to do with each and every project. My goal is to provide customers with the home of their dreams and a positive recollection of the entire homebuilding experience. Building a custom home needn’t be stressful! A constant flow of communication is the best way to ensure the homebuilding process runs smoothly, so my team maintains constant contact and is always just a phone call away.

I really love what I do; the pride associated with building someone’s home is very rewarding. One of my favorite moments is stepping back at the end of project and sharing our work with our customer and the community. I also love the challenge of creating something new and different, and I never want to be predictable. I prefer not to compartmentalize myself into a single style of building (traditional, contemporary, etc.) and instead prefer to customize each home so it best reflects the unique desires of the owner.” ~Adam Wilson

Core Values:

Do the right thing: Adam wants to empower his team to make decisions for the company. “I always want them to do what they think is right when working with our customers, contractors and supplies. If they are using this core value in their day-to-day work, I know they are representing us well.”

-Creativity: “I want our homes to be unique. If our team uses creativity we can achieve this. Creativity is also useful in problem solving. There is often more than one solution to an issue, and being creative can help us define the best course of action.”

-Be prepared: “The staff and the firm should be thinking and looking forward to the steps ahead. We’ve created processes, systems, checklists, and forms to safeguard that preparedness and are always looking forward to the stages ahead.”

-Continuous Improvement:  We are always striving to improve business practices and learn from our mistakes. If we determine that any current processes or procedures aren’t as effective as they could be, it is important that we work together as a team to brainstorm a solution and implement changes. 

-Make it FUN! By practicing all four aforementioned core values, work can then be fun for both the staff and the client. As part of our ongoing commitment to Building Happiness, the team’s goal is for each client to enjoy the process of building his/her dream home. By removing surprises, the whole experience can become very enjoyable process for each new homeowner.

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Personal Life:

When he’s not Building Happiness for other families, Adam is focused on raising his two young children, Brooke and Cole. “My children are the focus of my life, and I look forward to supporting both of them in all of their dreams.” Wilson says. He enjoys coaching their basketball teams and “in the summer, we’re in the pool every chance we get”.

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