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Finding the Perfect Lot

The first challenge of building a home is always to find a lot that meets all the needs of your lifestyle. Here at Adam Wilson Homes, We can help you with this through our knowledge of the lots in Austin and San Antonio, and our experience with construction on different terrains. When building luxury homes in San Antonio, there are a few things to consider when choosing a lot:

Which direction is the lot oriented. If the rear of your home is facing west then extra shading will be required to block the sunset from shining directly through your windows. Sun direction is also taken into account when creating shaded outdoor living areas.

Custom home builders in San Antonio also find it important to look at the quality and location of trees on your lot. They can add unique accents to the design of the home but it is beneficial to note where the house will be placed prior to lot purchase to ensure you are not knocking down trees you want to keep or that will cause a big problem during house design.

Some lots may have great views but very steep topography. Make sure to have Adam Wilson Homes assess your lot to make sure it will not cause construction problems or be too expensive for your budget. Sometimes lots are cheaper because of their slope but quite often the savings on the lot are not as high as the extra constructions costs.

Building a custom home in San Antonio with Adam Wilson Homes will be a very enjoyable experience especially if you follow these guidelines or ask our opinion before purchasing a lot.