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The Time To Build Is Now!

Here at Adam Wilson Homes we have been researching the economic and housing forecasts and have determined that the time to build is now and the place to build is Texas! Boasting unemployment rates under 6%, significant population growth, no state income tax and the 12th largest economy in the world its easy to see why the housing market is beginning to recover. Here are a few reasons to stop dreaming and start building a new custom home with us today!

  1. Mortgage interest rates are at their lowest point in many years trending under 3.5%! This should be taken advantage of as it will not be this low for too long.
  2. The cost to build has been on the rise and will not be coming back down any time soon. It is estimated that the cost of lumber and dry wall will continue to rise up to 25% this year along with many other building components. There is also a labor shortage so as contractors get more busy their rates are likely to rise costing you more money.
  3. The number of quality developed lots in the area has been decreasing since 2008. The result of this is an increasingly difficult challenge to find a fitting home site and the continually rising cost of lots.

Who better to build your new home than the best custom home builder in San Antonio who will take care of the whole project utilizing it’s stress free process. Contact or call 210-314-1146 today and get your process started towards building that home you have been thinking about!