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Adam wants to empower his team to make decisions for the company. “I always want them to do what they think is right when working with our customers, contractors and suppliers. If they are using this core value in their day-to-day work, I know they are representing us well.”


“I want our homes to be unique. If our team uses creativity, we can achieve this. Creativity is also useful in problem solving. There is often more than one solution to an issue, and being creative can help us define the best course of action.”


“The staff and the firm should be thinking and looking forward to the steps ahead. We’ve created processes, systems, checklists, and forms to safeguard that preparedness and are always looking forward to the stages ahead.”


We are always striving to improve business practices and learn from our mistakes. If we determine that any current processes or procedures aren’t as effective as they could be, it is important that we work together as a team to brainstorm a solution and implement changes.


By practicing all four aforementioned core values, work can then be fun for both the staff and the client. As part of our ongoing commitment to Building Happiness, the team’s goal is for each client to enjoy the process of building their dream home. By removing surprises, the whole experience can become very enjoyable process for each new homeowner.





Adam is a 2nd generation homebuilder from Austin, TX who has been residing in San Antonio for over 15 years. From an early age, Adam worked his way through the ranks of his father’s homebuilding business and simultaneously graduated from Southern Methodist University with a business degree. He then worked with both regional and national construction companies before setting out on his own in 2008 to open Adam Wilson Custom Homes. Adam is married with 3 beautiful children. God and family are the focus of his life.

Upon graduating Texas State University, Kristyl headed west to Tucson, AZ, and began a career in the design and project management of luxury custom homes. Kristyl also met and married her husband, Evan, while in Tuscon, and it was his dream to pursue a career as a sports writer that brought them home to Texas. Once in Texas, she began working in new home construction — both production and custom homes. Today, Kristyl enjoys being a part of the team at Adam Wilson Homes and continues to be challenged with new and beautifully designed custom home projects.

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